THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Member Tweets – Kaya Scodelario

tmr-from-kscodders-05Probably the most envied by all fangirls on the Maze Runner set is the lone female glader, Kaya Scodelario. Let’s see what she had to share:





THE MAZE RUNNER Director Wes Ball Tweets Cast Picture in the Glade!

The cast and crew of The Maze Runner are utterly generous with their photos, and without giving any spoilers away, which is pretty awesome. Here’s one that was just recently tweeted by director Wes Ball, which includes actor Dylan O’Brien, who’ll be playing the main protagonist, Thomas. The sole female in the movie cast, Kaya Scodelario, who plays Teresa, peeks out from behind Wes.


TMR Cast Member Tweets – Chris Sheffield

Update on Chris Sheffield tweets!





TMR Cast Member Tweets – Kaya Scodelario

Apparently, Kaya doesn’t like bugs and slithery things


I love the ones where she shows how much she’s getting along with her cast members on The Maze Runner.

Oh, those Brits!


Kaya and Thomas showing their support for their secondary home

TMR Cast Member Tweets – Alex Flores

Alex Flores did some Q&A for the fans on his Twitter




Another photo of that food hangout



TMR Cast Member Tweets – Chris Sheffield

Giving props

More props


Receiving props

The gang


I seriously love these group photos, especially this one with Thomas rocking the U.S. themed tank.

Cast Member Tweets – Will Poulter

If you haven’t heard, a bunch of the cast, maybe all of them, took to camping out in the Glade a couple of nights ago.  Hopefully the tweet below from Will Poulter, who’ll play Gally, won’t be all of what we’ll see of it until the movie arrives.


Although, I’m super happy that they all seem to be getting along so well that they took to camping together before even the filming starts!