I kind of accepted it, in a way

Check out this Teresa/Thomas photo manip with one of my favorite scenes from The Scorch Trials.  At least this is one of my favorite Teresa Agnes scenes.  I’m still on the fence about how I feel about her in general, but this moment is really  one of her better ones in my opinion.   Plus I really love the quote!

Art by Escapingthemaze.tumblr.com


Notes from Newt

If you haven’t read The Death Cure yet you probably won’t want to read any futher, spoilers are ahead!

If you have read The Death Cure then you will know these are the two notes that Newt writes – one for Thomas and one for all of his friends – during the course of the book.  I think Newt very well may be my favorite character in the trilogy and I find these notes to both be quite heartbreaking.  Out of everyone I would say Newt had some of the worst luck, if not the worst luck, of all of the Gladers.  Would you agree?

These come to us from thatnewtguy.tumblr.com


The Scorch Trials Poster

Check out this fan made The Scorch Trials poster from allthatklunk.tumblr.com.  What do you think of Jemima West as Teresa Agnes?  I actually think she would be a VERY good fit for the role. I’m not much of a fan caster myself, but Jemima looks a lot like what I imagined Teresa would.

Who do you think should play Teresa?  Let us know in the comments section below.  And how excited are you for this to become a movie?!  I know we’re going to get The Maze Runner first (obviously), but visually I might be look forward to The Scorch Trials more.  Those first few chapters really freaked me out!


“Welcome to the Glade” Fan Art

Thanks to thats-clovely for this Tumblr image

We are seriously lacking in Maze Runner memes and fan art!  So, if you have any that you’d like to contribute, please send it to fandomnet@gmail.com with Maze Runner Fan Art in the Subject line, and we’ll post it on here!

Countdown Until “The Kill Order”: 7 Days

There are only 7 days until it is perfectly legal to have a copy of “The Kill Order” in your hands! Starting now and ending on Monday the 13th, you will be able to find a new fan-made, Maze Runner creation right here, every day!

Today’s piece is a new twist on one of the most memorable statements of the series.


Keep Calm and Love The Maze Runner on Tumblr combined our favorite Maze Runner quote with the ever popular ‘Keep Calm’ logo to create this wonderful poster. Check out her Tumblr to find more of these witty pics!

Do you have a piece of Maze Runner fan art that you made lying around somewhere? If you answered yes to that question you can send it, along with your name and, if possible, somewhere we can find more of your art on the internet to mazerunner.thefandom.net@gmail.com and we will be sure to post it!