Now Available: The Kill Order

Today was the day! You can now casually walk into a store and buy your very own copy of ‘The Kill Order’!

So, what are you doing reading this?  Try to finish “The Kill Order”! Or, if you don’t have a copy, go and get one! I would personally recommend buying it at Barnes & Noble because of the exclusive content in the back of the book concerning Teresa’s swipe. You can order this exclusive copy here.  Happy reading!


Countdown to “The Kill Order”: 1 Day

“The Kill Order” hits stores tomorrow! Are you all as excited as I am? (That’s really excited, by the way!)

Today’s picture is based off of the battle against the Grievers near the end of “The Maze Runner”.

‘Thomas and the Griever’ was made by devianART user Deo101. She drew this digitally on a tablet using  Gimp 2.6. If you want to check out more of her work, be sure to click here.

Have fun reading “The Kill Order”. The wait is almost over!


Countdown to ”The Kill Order”: 2 Days

We are only two days away from reading the prequel to “The Maze Runner”! Are you excited yet? I sure am! Here is another picture from ”The Maze Runner”, but this one is slightly less depressing.


Today’s picture is from VixSky from ‘In the Maze’ was made with watercolors and colored pencil and it shows Thomas, Minho and Albly in the maze at night.

We are still looking for Maze Runner related art work! If you have any, please send it to along with your name and (if possible) where we  can find more of your art on the internet.

Countdown to “The Kill Order”: 3 Days

Today’s piece of fan art depicts one of the more depressing lines of “The Maze Runner”.

This picture, titled Remember, was drawn by VictoriaDolly on It shows Thomas and Teresa talking telepathically right before the end of the book.

Are you an artist? No matter what you answered on that last question, how about sending us those Maze Runner inspired pictures that you draw in your free time? Just attach them to an e-mail to with your name and where we can find more of your art on the internet (if possible) and we will be sure to post them for all of the world to see!


Countdown to “The Kill Order”: 5 Days

The equivalent of one work week is left until “The Kill Order”!

Here are some shirts designed by one of our loyal readers, Andrew Gilbert!


Here is the description from the artist himself:

On the front of the black shirt it has the kill order, then on the back is “Kill the Maze” taken from the button under the computer. The white shirt says “World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department”  and on the back it says “Wicked is Good” and Wicked is printed on each sleeve.

I wish I had shirts like these to wear to pick up my copy of the book!

If you have made something Maze Runner related, please send it to . We would love to see it!


Countdown to ”The Kill Order”: 6 Days


We can now say that we are under the one week mark! *cheers* Now I’m going to show you all a picture that a fan like you made! *drumroll*

This picture of Newt in “The Death Cure” was make by StrawberryCupcake on You can check out her devianART page here and her Tumblr here.

We are still looking for fan creation submissions! If you are a creative fan, send your work to We are always looking for fan made things to post about!



“The Kill Order” Excerpt (!!!)

You can now read the prologue and first five chapters of the Maze Runner prequel on USA Today!!!

The prologue takes place hours to minutes before the original trilogy, but the actual story takes place 13 years before that, one year after the solar flares. In the first five chapters we meet seven new characters: Mark, Alec, Trina, Lana, Darnell, the Toad and Misty, all people trying to survive after the solar flares scorched most of the earth. These chapters take place near Asheville, North Carolina one year after these seven escape New York City and lose almost everybody they love.

I can tell already that this is going to be a great story and I can’t wait for August 14th. 82 days! Feel free to comment what you think about these first few chapters as well as how you would feel if you were in the same situation as Teresa in the prologue.