September’s DashnerChat Highlights

The Maze Runner at NerdHQ 2013

Check out the highlight tweets from the final month of #DashnerChat with author James Dashner.

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Aml Ameen Completes His Final Day of Filming on THE MAZE RUNNER

tmr-from-aml-16Today was Aml Ameen‘s final day of filming on The Maze Runner set.  Aml Ameen plays Alby, the leader of the Gladers.

Aml Ameen has been very positively vocal on Twitter with regards to him and the rest of the cast, which he often hashtags as #kings, and we’re going to be miss that.

But apparently, we might still get to hear more from him in the near future, or at least before the movie comes out:

THE MAZE RUNNER Character Cards Continue with Teresa

The first and only female shank!


Kaya Scodelario (Teresa) tweeted out her Maze Runner character card today!  It’s pretty cool that the studio is actually sending these cards to the actors to tweet out.  They obviously know how much we love the cast and follow them.

And if you haven’t done so yet, please follow Kaya at @kscodders, then you can ask her questions about the movie using hashtag #MazeRunnerChat, which she’ll answer along with the rest of the cast on Monday, July 8th.

MAZE RUNNER Author James Dashner Does June Tweet Chat While In San Diego

The only way to spend vacation.

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James Dashner happened to be vacationing in my home town during this month’s Dashner tweet chat, which was held on Thursday, June 27th.  Here’re some highlights from that chat.

On San Diego Comic-Con (which takes place July 18-21, 2013):

On release dates for The Eye of Minds:

On visualizing characters:

On being in The Maze Runner movie:

On fangirling:

On The Hunger Games comparison:

On the Dashner Army Logo Challenge:

On The Eye of Minds series:

On killing characters:

On The Maze Runner set:

On comparing The Maze Runner to The Eye of Minds:

On The Death Cure:

On creating plot twists:

On fans worries about the movie being more romantic:

  On death in The Eye of Minds:

On movie release on Valentine’s Day:

On the movie trailer:

On favorite characters:

On principal filming:

On sequel title to The Eye of Minds:

On writing The Maze Runner:

THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Member Tweets – Kaya Scodelario

tmr-from-kscodders-05Probably the most envied by all fangirls on the Maze Runner set is the lone female glader, Kaya Scodelario. Let’s see what she had to share:




THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Member Tweets – Will Poulter


Will Poulter gives us non-spoiler updates, shows how much he loves his co-stars by eating ice cream with them, watching Teen Wolf with them, and even calling them his “babies.”  He also gives a little #changebrazil support along with Kaya and Dylan.  And he got us all excited about Grievers!




THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Member Tweets – Ki Hong Lee


Ki Hong Lee tweeted some really awesome deets, including something about night shoots and staying up all night. What’s cool about it is that they don’t have to spoil anything about the movie, yet he and his fellow co-stars can certainly tweet about things here and there, which makes it all the more exciting. Anyway, here’s your Ki Hong tweets!





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