Exclusive Interview With James Dashner on THE EYE OF MINDS, Part 2


Attention Dashner Army!  It is November 26 today, which means it’s James’ birthday today!

Happy Birthday James!

You can tweet him your birthday greeting at @jamesdashner, but before you do that, you can read part 2 of the exclusive interview we had with him about his latest book, The Eye of Minds.  We’ve waited to post it to give you readers time to actually read the book, because this part of the interview contains **spoilers**!

With that said, if you haven’t read The Eye of Minds yet, then you might want to skip out on this interview until you have.

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Exclusive Interview With James Dashner on THE EYE OF MINDS, Part 1


Hello Dashner fans!

I got a chance to read an ARC of James Dashner‘s new book, The Eye of Minds, and posed several questions for him to answer about it.  No worries, there are no spoilers for this part of the interview.

1) Describe The Eye of Minds in 3 words

James Dashner:  Twisty. Fast. Fear.

2) There were some pretty interesting riddles in the story.  Was it difficult to come up with the riddles?

JD:  I’ve always been fascinated with riddles. In fact, every series I’ve ever written has had some type of riddle embedded within it. The funny thing is, I grew up so impressed with authors who did that and it was something about which I had very little confidence in myself. But I keep trying, and it seems to keep working.


3) You said this book was inspired by certain movies.  Were there any video games that also inspired the story?

JD:  The first video game that truly struck me and stayed with me was The Legend of Zelda. That sense of going on a mission and meeting different challenges definitely inspired The Path in my book.

4) You gave almost all your characters from The Maze Runner a first name only.  And it seems you’re keeping that trend for this book as well.  Any reason for that?

JD:  I usually don’t find much point in telling you what someone’s last name is. They rarely come up in casual conversation, especially amongst friends. It just seems info-dumpy. Plus, it makes the character a little more open to your interpretation the less you know specifically.

5) What was the most challenging part about writing this novel?

JD:  Crafting it to build to the end I wanted. I’ve never planned and crafted this much.

6) You have three major characters in this first book of the series, one of them being female.  Will there be any romantic development between any of them, minor or major?

JD:  I’m not a big romance guy, as my readers can attest. If something develops naturally, it will, but it will never be a main aspect of my works.

7) What are your favorite video games to play?

JD:  Skyrim is awesome. But, honestly, I like physical gaming more than video gaming. Everything from Magic to Ticket to Ride!

The Eye of Minds comes out Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  Check out my short, non-spoiler review of The Eye of Minds.

James Dashner Interview with MTV Geek on THE EYE OF MINDS


We’re still anticipating the release of a trailer for The Maze Runner movie, but in the meantime, check out this interview with James Dashner on his upcoming book, The Eye of Minds.

MTV Geek: I must admit, I was really surprised at some of the twists and turns this story took.  I’d seen it publicized as a virtual reality/cyberpunk thriller, but it seems like you used the premise as a launchpad to spin off in all kinds of directions, and break down barriers between genres.  Was that your original intent, or did that evolve as the story developed?

James Dashner: My main intent from the start was to do something that felt different from Maze Runner. Other than that, I just wanted to take my readers on a trip that would constantly surprise them while having a good time along the way. It was a lot of fun for me to have the backdrop of a virtual reality world because the possibilities are endless. The challenge was to keep it grounded in reality somehow, where the real terror can come to life.

Geek: Did this story come about as a reaction to the wide-open feel of your Maze Runner series, where tech didn’t play as much of a part in the story?

Dashner: I specifically wanted to avoid this book being called a dystopian or post-apocalyptic tale, even though it was set in the future. It was important to me for the new series to feel different. And yes, it was liberating to be in an entirely different world where I could flex those creative muscles like crazy. I had way too much fun writing this book.

Geek: Given that this new book envisions all sorts of advanced tech, where do you go for information and inspiration on that front? Are you a gamer yourself? Do you keep up with Wired/BoingBoing/tech journals/etc?

Dashner: I’m the type of person who stays very dialed-in with the latest advancements in gaming and technology because it fascinates me. If you’d shown me as a kid what we have today, I would’ve died of shock and excitement. That’s why I think the world of the VirtNet is not even remotely implausible. I think it’s 20 to 30 years away at most.

Geek: This is the first of a planned series of novels…  Do you have a specific end in mind, or are you just seeing where the characters take you, and leaving it open-ended?

Dashner: I’ve already mapped this particular story arc as a trilogy, and not just because that’s a popular length for a series. It just really worked out well for what I want to happen overall. I do think this series would have a better chance of having a sequel than The Maze Runner did. That trilogy pretty much had an end with no story left to tell (except for prequels).

Geek: And as a motion picture adaptation of Maze Runner is now in production, has there been similar interest in this new series?  It certainly seems that there’s pretty great cinematic potential…

Dashner: There’s definitely been interest, but nothing is a done deal as of yet. But when I write, I always envision my scenes cinematically before they hit the page, so I really would love to see this one on the big screen some day.

The Eye of Minds will be released on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

Read the full interview at MTV Geek.

Aml Ameen talks Alby with PMC Magazine

In a new interview for his upcoming film, The Butler, Aml Ameen chatted about The Maze Runner and Alby’s part in The Glader family.


TM: Next year you’ll be in The Maze Runner, which seems to be Fox’s reply to the success of The Hunger Games. Do you think this has the potential to be a big tentpole franchise in the same vein as The Hunger Games?

AA: The Maze Runner is an edgy powerful adventure story. It’s only comparison to the successful Hunger Games is that it was once a book for a teen audience. But I think you’ll find it stands on its own as a great piece of cinema. The Maze Runner has an incredible cast of actors helmed by the brilliant Wes Ball, and we bring a real truth to this world. Each character has a story that affects the piece and I’m extremely proud of the film. I play Alby who is a father figure and brother to what essentially are a group of lost boys, The Gladers, and he keeps the order. I believe when people come out to see this film, they’ll come again and again, and this film is gonna draw people of all ages to the cinema.

See the full interview here!

James Dashner On THE MAZE RUNNER Movie and THE EYE OF MINDS Book

During the San Diego Comic-Con, James Dashner spent some time with Hypable to talk both about the movie adaptation of his book, The Maze Runner, as well as his new book, The Eye of Minds, which is the first book in The Mortality Doctrine trilogy.

Hypable: How did you feel when you found out ‘The Maze Runner’ film was finally going ahead?

James Dashner: It was part ecstatic and part relief. About three years ago, we got really close. We had a director, a screenplay, but it all kind of fell apart – which happens in Hollywood a lot. I was much more level-headed when it started happening again.

I tempered my expectations, but when the ball really got rolling, I knew that was happening when all the producers had a conference call with me. Then Wes Ball, the director, called me, and I was like “Okay, it’s happening.” Since then, I have been on Cloud 9.


How did it feel to see the characters that you wrote standing there in real life?

There’s so much relief with it. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I have disagreed with all the choices, or if they were butchering my book or my vision. I agree and support everything about this film.

I love the casting, I love the script, I love Wes’ vision for it. The tone and the spirit of the movie, it’s almost too good to be true. I am extremely satisfied and happy about it.

Were you involved in the casting process?

A little. From the get go, it was a cool relationship. They wanted me involved, they were very good about reaching out to me. By the same token, I understand that that’s not my expertise. So it worked out perfectly – I was involved, and I felt involved, but I never tried to be heavy-handed or enforce anything.

I was involved, but on a small scale. Wes has been really awesome about staying in touch, asking me questions, asking for my feedback. I think he has taken a lot of that feedback when it worked for him.


Was there any casting that was not how you had pictured the character?

Yeah. It’s all about matching the spirit of it. Frypan was not how I literally envisioned him, but everyone else pretty much was.

When I think of Minho, and Thomas, and Alby – and especially Chuck. Chuck is like he literally stepped out of the pages of the book, it’s almost eerie.

And with Teresa, I was really surprised. I don’t really describe her in too much detail, the hair colour and maybe the eye colour, and then leave it up to the reader’s imagination, but somehow, I saw her and thought “That’s Teresa.”

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Teen.Com Interview with Dylan O’Brien

Teen.com got the chance to sit down and talk to Dylan O’Brien at Comic Con a few weeks ago and they asked him a few questions about his role in The Maze Runner.

dylan o'brien

@stacysays@dylanobrien@MazeRunnerMovie; What kind of training did you do for all the running and physical that happens in Maze Runner?

— Nicole (@nicoleburtonn) July 19, 2013

Dylan: Literally just surviving through it on the fly. It was actually really funny — me and Wes talked about how we noticed my endurance building up. The movie was my only training for me. I went straight from Teen Wolf into flying to Baton Rouge so I didn’t have any training days. I remember the first day I had to run and do 300 yard dashes over and over I did it about six times in the field. I remember after that I was spent. Then throughout the rest of the movie it got to the point where I would be running all day for 16 hours straight and I would be okay. It’s funny to think on the first day after an hour I was already done and passing out.

You can read the entire interview here!

Director Wes Ball Talks THE MAZE RUNNER with Collider

Collider sat down with The Maze Runner director, Wes Ball, at San Diego Comic-Con where he talks about adapting the book, filming on location, and more!  Click the image below for interview.

wes ball