Ki Hong Lee Cast as Minho

With all of the excitement over Thomas being cast today, many people overlooked the fact that Minho was also cast!

ki hong lee

Wes Ball sent out this tweet earlier today:

And while we’re at it…. Everyone say hi to Ki Hong Lee. He’s our Minho! Greatest cast EVAR!

-Wes Ball (@wesball) April 18, 2013

Ki is best known for his role as Paul in the ABC Family show ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’. Tapping into his inner Minho he tweeted this shortly after the announcement when James Dashner informed him that Minho was everyone’s favorite character:

@jamesdashner pressure? pssh i aint no greenie. 😉

-Ki Hong Lee (@kihonglee) April 18, 2013

What do you think about this new casting? Sound off in the comments!


Will Poulter Offered Role in The Maze Runner Movie

According to Deadline, 20 year old British actor Will Poulter has been offered a leading role in The Maze Runner!

Will Poulter

The article doesn’t specify which leading role, but it would be logical to cast the main character, Thomas, first.

Will is best known for his role of Eustance in the 2010 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 

So, what do you think about Will? What role do you think he is being considered for? Tell us in the comments!

The Maze Runner Movie Release Date

20th Century Fox has announced the release date for their film adaptation of The Maze Runner!

According to Collider:

Director Wes Ball’s adaptation of the James Dashner novel The Maze Runner has been set for a Valentine’s Day 2014 release.

That’s right… February 14, 2014! Talk about an exciting Valentine’s Day!

The Maze Runner Movie Concept Art

Wayne Haag, a freelance concept artist who has worked on the likes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fifth Element, and most recently The Wolverine, announced that he will be creating Concept Art for The Maze Runner movie!

As a bit of a teaser, Haag shared some Maze Runner concept art he sketched as fan art before officially signing onto the project!

Maze Runner concept art sketch by Wayne Haag

Fanmade Maze Runner Movie Poster

James Dashner himself took some time to retweet this fanmade Maze Runner movie poster by shuckfacedshank, featuring the tiny WICKED monitors from all around The Glade!


Maze Runner Fanmade Movie Poster By shuckfacedshank

By shuckfacedshank

It seems James Dashner is as much a fan of his talented readers as they are of him! What do you think?