Out Now: The Infinity Ring

For those interested, James Dashner has another book out called The Infinity Ring. Here’s James’ brief summary of it:

It tells the story of Dak, Sera, and Riq (there’s a reason their names are spelled funny), who must travel back in time to correct the “Great Breaks” in history, which have set the world on a course for the Cataclysm, aka the end of the world. Meet Christopher Columbus firsthand as Dak and the others try to prevent him from being thrown overboard in a mutiny.

If you’re a fan of the Maze Runner author’s other works, then I highly recommend this to add to your collection!  Click on the image below to order your copy!


Update on Movie + James Dashner’s Secret Project

James Dashner just did a Q&A with Publishers Weekly and he gave us a great insight into what we will be seeing from him in the future.

When asked about the state of the movie adaption of “The Maze Runner”:

It is in development at 20th Century Fox, but it is not going to be out in 2013, even though that’s what it says on IMDB. I don’t really hear that much, but they have a script and basically they are just interviewing directors. I really think it’s going to happen, but Hollywood is a slow go sometimes.

Future projects:

I have a new YA series with Random House that will be announced probably in a month or two. The first book is already done and it will come out next fall. We’re keeping tight-lipped about it, but it probably has the coolest twist ending I will ever write.

I guess this is the mystery book that we reported from a Q&A a while back. As always, we will keep you posted on this future project. Because this project is so hush, hush give us your predictions in the comments. You could guess right!

You can read the entire interview here. He talks about whether he would want to be in the movie or not and a bit about the first book in the Infinity ring series that will be released on August 28th.



“A Mutiny in Time” Excerpt Released

This past week, we got some brand new writing from James Dashner! USA Today released the prologue and chapter one of “A Mutiny in Time”, the first book in the Infinity Ring series. James will only be writing the first and last books.

You can find these first chapters here or on the Infinity Ring website. At least for me, James’s style really shined in the writing. The unique names and words reminded me of The Maze Runner trilogy. “A Mutiny in Time” will be released on August 28th.

A Mutiny in Time Cover: Revealed

As promised earlier, I’m here to show you all the cover for the first book in the Infinity Ring series, written by our beloved James Dashner.

Pretty sweet, right? If you aren’t too familiar with the Infinity Ring series, I’ll fill you in. Infinity Ring will be a seven book series written by James and five other authors that is aimed at young readers ages 8-12. The action surrounds two best friends who find a device called an Infinity Ring that makes time travel possible. Using the Infinity Ring, Dak and Sera must visit the past to save the future.

The thing that is different about the Infinity Ring series is that it has its own online game that follows the books. You can play the game without the books, but reading the books will give you key information on how to move forward in the game. Will this help kids become  more interested in reading? Chime in in this poll!

A Mutiny in Time will be released on August 28th, two weeks after The Kill Order comes out.