James Dashner Promises Grievers Will “Terrify Audiences Worldwide”

James Dashner shared some details about his recent visit to the set of The Maze Runner inlcuding seeing the Glade, meeting the crew, and finally feasting his eyes on a griever!

Set-Badge (1)

On seeing the Glade for the first time:

First, and the most surreal, one of the greatest moments of my life: The Glade.

One of my favorite things about this trip was that everyone referred to the Glade as the Glade. Not the set, or anything else. The Glade. Like it was a real  place, which upon visiting, it feels just like that. The crew members (and there are many, literally hundreds, who are working on this movie) are doing an excellent job of making it come to life.

I can’t really say much. A film crew followed us around the whole day, so there’ll be a point where you get to experience what I experienced. But it was just flat-out awesome. Wes gave me a tour of the Glade, leading me from one giddy moment to the next. I loved his enthusiasm.

Dashner also shared (sort of)one of his favorite things from the set:

Then it was off to a huge warehouse where they’ve set up a studio to film the scenes inside the Maze itself. Again, my book come to life. I can’t say enough about the crew for this film. They just kept blowing me away. One of my favorite things: something you’ll see inside the Map Room. I’d give one of my kids away to show you a picture! But alas, I can’t.

And just how scary  those grievers are:

Wes gave me a tour of his office, where each wall is covered with concept art for the film. Once again he displayed that kid-in-a-candy-store enthusiasm, describing scenes, showing off the Grievers, telling me how his vision for the movie will come to life. I loved every minute of this. And let me tell you this: the Grievers are going to terrify audiences worldwide. Their transformation to a cinematic experience on the big screen will be perfect. Bigger and nastier.

Anyone else relieved to find out that the grievers are really terrifying? It sounds like they are going to translate very well to film and this, to me,  is incredibly good news!  Also, any ideas about what it is we’ll see in the Map Room that is so extraordinary?  All the suspense!

Dasher also mentions in his blog post that Random House launched a James Dashner Facebook page, so make sure you give it a like!

Visit James’ blog for his complete set visit rundown!


Griever by ~Acturiesa

Here’s another great depiction of a griever for your viewing pleasure.  What do you think?  Is this how you imagined it would look like?  I have to say it’s close to what I have in my mind too, I just can’t wait to see how they come to life on film!

maze_runner_griever_by_acturiesa-d5r05jjArt by Acturiesa

Maze Runner and Scorch Trials Sketches

Check out these sketches xanimagax on Deviant Art whipped up! I love how most of the main characters from the trilogy are included in here, not even the beetle blade was left out!  I especially like how that blob-like griever kind of steals the show, can miss it!

I can only imagine what the grievers and some of those cranks will end up looking like on the big screen, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed!

What Grievers Want

This is pretty silly, but I like it!  We know grievers to be these nightmarish creatures with deadly weapons protruding out of their blubbery flesh.  Well, this one is actually a bit cute, right?

This is the work of tessy223 on Deviant Art!

Countdown to “The Kill Order”: 1 Day

“The Kill Order” hits stores tomorrow! Are you all as excited as I am? (That’s really excited, by the way!)

Today’s picture is based off of the battle against the Grievers near the end of “The Maze Runner”.

‘Thomas and the Griever’ was made by devianART user Deo101. She drew this digitally on a tablet using  Gimp 2.6. If you want to check out more of her work, be sure to click here.

Have fun reading “The Kill Order”. The wait is almost over!


Countdown to “The Kill Order”: 4 Days

Today at the four day mark, we’re turning back to fan art for our countdown. Maybe even some scary fan art. *evil laugh*

This interpretation of a Griever was made by ProjectZeta on devianART.com. He made the Griever more mechanical-looking than the blob-ish creature that is described in the books. I honestly think this looks scarier than a blob would. Who knows? This is how it could look in the movie!

We are still taking fan created submissions at mazerunner.thefandom.net@gmail.com . If you have any, shoot us an e-mail!


Fan Art Friday – Griever

This is actually kind of what I imagined the griever to be, and I wondered if I was imagining it incorrectly.  I suppose not.

Artist: DJDragonwolf in Deviantart