Pictures of THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Pictures on Last Day of Filming

Check out these cool images of The Maze Runner cast from the final day of filming, exclusive on Fangirlish.  From before the first day of filming to the last day of filming, it looks like they had a positively memorable time together.  Those pictured include Dylan O’Brien, producer Wyck Godfrey, Blake Cooper, Aml Ameen, Ki Hong Lee, and director Wes Ball.

Also, for those going to be in San Diego this week, there are still tickets available to the Maze Runner Conversation for a Cause panel at NerdHQ!  The seats are $22 each and the limit is 2 per purchase!  You don’t have to have a badge for Comic-Con to go to this event, so click here to get a seat and see Dylan O’Brien, Wes Ball, and Wyck Godfrey along with author James Dashner answer fan questions!


Author James Dashner Visits THE MAZE RUNNER Set for his Cameo

Author (and now actor?) James Dashner (@jamesdashner tweeted a bit about his trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where The Maze Runner is being filmed.  It seems he dropped by on his second visit to the set to film his cameo part in the upcoming movie as well as meet the cast.

We have yet to know what his part will be in the movie, but he already stated that it wasn’t that of Rat Man, nor would it be of Chancellor Ava Paige, as someone with a bit more acting experience was signed up for that role, of which he tweeted about:


He also posted the following pictures on Instagram, which I’m very happy about. It looks and sounds like he’s just as excited about the cast as we are.

This man IS Minho. @kihonglee #mazerunner

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This man IS Thomas. @dylanobrien

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Me. Newt. The Glue. #mazerunner

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And that's a wrap, folks. For me at least. Most amazing two days ever. #mazerunner

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Here’s one that Aml Ameen posted on his own Instagram.

Is it just me, or is James Dashner really tall?

The Next MAZE RUNNER Character Card Introduces Chuck




Here’s your Chuck!  Blake Cooper tweeted out this character card earlier today.  Don’t forget to follow him on twitter @followblakecoop.  And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Live Twitter Chat on July 8th.  Send your questions to the cast with the hashtag #MazeRunnerChat.

Thanks to for the heads up.

THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Shares Photos

There’s certainly an advantage for fans when most of the cast is very much into the social media scene, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.  Not only are they able to communicate with their fans, but they are also able to show us things we might never get to see otherwise.  So, in that sense, I am grateful for what the Internet provides (we’ll skip over the other negative issues regarding said media).

Anyway, here’s a collection of photos from some major contributors of The Maze Runner cast, including some pictures from the cast dinner that took place this weekend.  You might notice that there are three actors that have not been mentioned yet, but I think we can safely assume they are gladers that have yet to be announced.

You can follow the contributers: Blake Cooper on Tumblr, Aml Ameen on Instagram, and and Kaya Scodelario on Twitter.

Cast Member Tweets: Blake Cooper

So, how does this work?  Blake is buying up his own clothes for the movie?


Blake Cooper Cast as Chuck

Keeping up with the castings of the last couple of days, Wes Ball has just confirmed that Blake Cooper will be playing Chuck in The Maze Runner! 

Blake CooperJust by looking at his Twitter and his Tumblr, it looks like Blake is a big fan of the series and has worked very hard trying to get this part. I have also seen a lot of people fan-casting him, so it looks like this was a great casting decision!

What do you think about Blake playing Chuck? Let us know in the comments!