Aml Ameen talks Alby with PMC Magazine

In a new interview for his upcoming film, The Butler, Aml Ameen chatted about The Maze Runner and Alby’s part in The Glader family.


TM: Next year you’ll be in The Maze Runner, which seems to be Fox’s reply to the success of The Hunger Games. Do you think this has the potential to be a big tentpole franchise in the same vein as The Hunger Games?

AA: The Maze Runner is an edgy powerful adventure story. It’s only comparison to the successful Hunger Games is that it was once a book for a teen audience. But I think you’ll find it stands on its own as a great piece of cinema. The Maze Runner has an incredible cast of actors helmed by the brilliant Wes Ball, and we bring a real truth to this world. Each character has a story that affects the piece and I’m extremely proud of the film. I play Alby who is a father figure and brother to what essentially are a group of lost boys, The Gladers, and he keeps the order. I believe when people come out to see this film, they’ll come again and again, and this film is gonna draw people of all ages to the cinema.

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Aml Ameen Gives Shout Out And Farewell to All the Kings on THE MAZE RUNNER

Aml Ameen


Aml Ameen, who plays Alby in The Maze Runner movie couldn’t stop with just a tweet or instagram to voice out his love for his fellow cast members and fans, and we don’t mind at all.  Here’s a little video as well!

Aml Ameen Completes His Final Day of Filming on THE MAZE RUNNER

tmr-from-aml-16Today was Aml Ameen‘s final day of filming on The Maze Runner set.  Aml Ameen plays Alby, the leader of the Gladers.

Aml Ameen has been very positively vocal on Twitter with regards to him and the rest of the cast, which he often hashtags as #kings, and we’re going to be miss that.

But apparently, we might still get to hear more from him in the near future, or at least before the movie comes out:

THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Twitter Chat Recap

Earlier today, many members of the cast  of THE MAZE RUNNER as well as director Wes Ball, author James Dashner and producer Wyck Godfrey held their first official Twitter Chat. Here are a few of the (many) highlights.

“Could You survive in The Maze?”:

The Use of “Glade Lingo”:

Favorite, Hardest, Saddest and Most Difficult Scenes:

Bloopers and General Fun on the Set:

Some Other General Things About the Movie:

The chat officially wrapped with a Facebook video from the cast that you can watch below.

If you think that was a lot of Tweets, you won’t believe the full chat, which you can find on the Maze Runner Movie Twitter.

It was also mentioned a few times that James Dashner is headed to the set to film his cameo in the film tomorrow. Filming wraps on Friday. Producer Wyck Godfrey also made a point to say that THE MAZE RUNNER may still have some Comic Con presence besides James Dashner participating in the “What’s Behind the Door: Fiction that Thrills” panel on Sunday

THE MAZE RUNNER Character Card Reveals Alby



Aml Ameen presented this character card of Alby, the leader of the Gladers in The Maze Runner, and boy does he look like a king!  Don’t forget to post your questions for him on the live twitter chat using the hashtag #MazeRunnerChat.  He and the rest of the cast will be on hand to answer them on July 8th.  You can follow Aml on his twitter @AmlAmeen

Cast Member Tweets – Ki Hong Lee

An update of  Ki Hong Lee‘s tweets (and instagrams):





Ki Hong answers some fan questions (click on Continue reading for more):

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“Brilliant” Alby Related Surprise on the Horizon

Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen, who will be playing Alby in THE MAZE RUNNER, gave us a heads-up yesterday as to an upcoming surprise regarding his character that is going to be released by Wes Ball very soon.

There’s something very special being planned for Maze Runner fans. Something that creators are gonna do for you, regarding Alby. 1 word WHOA

Aml Ameen (@AmlAmeen) May 31, 2013


I’ll wait for Wes Ball to tell you what it is. But it’s brilliant, and you’ll have it wayyyyyyyy before February 14th 2014 #mazerunner

Aml Ameen (@AmlAmeen) May 31, 2013

What do you think this surprise is going to be? Let us know in the comments!

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