Has THE MAZE RUNNER Movie Been Postponed?


According to director Wes Ball and author James Dashner on Twitter, the big screen adaption of THE MAZE RUNNER  has been postponed from its February 2014 release date to September, 14th 2014. Here’s what they have had to say.

20th Century Fox’s official website as well as the movie’s official Facebook and Twitter still states February 14th as the release date for the movie, but that could change any moment. As far as we can tell, Fox has not released an official statement stating why the release date has been moved.

What do you think about the new date being moved to only a little less than a year away? Let us know how you guys are going to deal with the extra wait in the comments below.


MAZE RUNNER Author James Dashner Does June Tweet Chat While In San Diego

The only way to spend vacation.

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James Dashner happened to be vacationing in my home town during this month’s Dashner tweet chat, which was held on Thursday, June 27th.  Here’re some highlights from that chat.

On San Diego Comic-Con (which takes place July 18-21, 2013):

On release dates for The Eye of Minds:

On visualizing characters:

On being in The Maze Runner movie:

On fangirling:

On The Hunger Games comparison:

On the Dashner Army Logo Challenge:

On The Eye of Minds series:

On killing characters:

On The Maze Runner set:

On comparing The Maze Runner to The Eye of Minds:

On The Death Cure:

On creating plot twists:

On fans worries about the movie being more romantic:

  On death in The Eye of Minds:

On movie release on Valentine’s Day:

On the movie trailer:

On favorite characters:

On principal filming:

On sequel title to The Eye of Minds:

On writing The Maze Runner:

“The Eye of Minds” Cover: Revealed

After wrapping up “The Maze Runner” trilogy earlier this year, James Dashner is moving on to another series. This one, entitled The Mortality Doctrine, will focus on on a gamer named Michael. Here is the synopsis released by ew.com earlier today:

The Eye of Minds, the first book in Dashner’s new series, The Mortality Doctrine, centers on Michael, a gamer who spends the majority of his time in the addictive virtual-reality system known as the VirtNet. The VirtNet offers anyone with money the chance to live in the fantasy world of their choosing — no risk, and if you’re an adept enough hacker, no rules.

But not all rules were made to be broken. One gamer is taking the others hostage inside of the VirtNet, and the government turns to Michael to track this hacker down. Will he be able to survive off the VirtNet grid? Or will reality be lost to him forever?

Here is the cover:


“The Eye of Minds” hits shelves on October 8th.

What do you think about James’s new series? Are you going to read it? How about putting your two cents in this poll?

Now Available: The Kill Order

Today was the day! You can now casually walk into a store and buy your very own copy of ‘The Kill Order’!

So, what are you doing reading this?  Try to finish “The Kill Order”! Or, if you don’t have a copy, go and get one! I would personally recommend buying it at Barnes & Noble because of the exclusive content in the back of the book concerning Teresa’s swipe. You can order this exclusive copy here.  Happy reading!

Update on Movie + James Dashner’s Secret Project

James Dashner just did a Q&A with Publishers Weekly and he gave us a great insight into what we will be seeing from him in the future.

When asked about the state of the movie adaption of “The Maze Runner”:

It is in development at 20th Century Fox, but it is not going to be out in 2013, even though that’s what it says on IMDB. I don’t really hear that much, but they have a script and basically they are just interviewing directors. I really think it’s going to happen, but Hollywood is a slow go sometimes.

Future projects:

I have a new YA series with Random House that will be announced probably in a month or two. The first book is already done and it will come out next fall. We’re keeping tight-lipped about it, but it probably has the coolest twist ending I will ever write.

I guess this is the mystery book that we reported from a Q&A a while back. As always, we will keep you posted on this future project. Because this project is so hush, hush give us your predictions in the comments. You could guess right!

You can read the entire interview here. He talks about whether he would want to be in the movie or not and a bit about the first book in the Infinity ring series that will be released on August 28th.



‘The Kill Order’ ARC + The 13th Reality: Book 4

We’re just about a month away from the release of ‘The Kill Order’ *excited scream* and James Dashner is giving you and I a chance to win an advanced reader copy *falls out of chair*.  Today James gave us a challenge on his blog: Tell him why you need an ARC. He will then pick five people to have the chance to read the book a little earlier than everyone else. You can find all of the details on his latest blog post.

James Dashner may also have a book out by the time you read this! If you are a fan of his series The 13th Reality you will be really happy in a few days at most. ‘The Void of Mist and Thunder’, the fourth and final book in the series, will be in your favorite e-book store very soon.

The book’s release date has been delayed several times and will only be available in e-book format until later this fall when you can buy the hardback version. According to James, you will be able to buy the book on your Kindle tonight and on every other device in the next couple of days.

Are you excited for either of these books? I know I am! How about telling us your favorite James Dashner book in this poll?

A Mutiny in Time Cover: Revealed

As promised earlier, I’m here to show you all the cover for the first book in the Infinity Ring series, written by our beloved James Dashner.

Pretty sweet, right? If you aren’t too familiar with the Infinity Ring series, I’ll fill you in. Infinity Ring will be a seven book series written by James and five other authors that is aimed at young readers ages 8-12. The action surrounds two best friends who find a device called an Infinity Ring that makes time travel possible. Using the Infinity Ring, Dak and Sera must visit the past to save the future.

The thing that is different about the Infinity Ring series is that it has its own online game that follows the books. You can play the game without the books, but reading the books will give you key information on how to move forward in the game. Will this help kids become  more interested in reading? Chime in in this poll!

A Mutiny in Time will be released on August 28th, two weeks after The Kill Order comes out.