THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Twitter Chat Recap

Earlier today, many members of the cast  of THE MAZE RUNNER as well as director Wes Ball, author James Dashner and producer Wyck Godfrey held their first official Twitter Chat. Here are a few of the (many) highlights.

“Could You survive in The Maze?”:

The Use of “Glade Lingo”:

Favorite, Hardest, Saddest and Most Difficult Scenes:

Bloopers and General Fun on the Set:

Some Other General Things About the Movie:

The chat officially wrapped with a Facebook video from the cast that you can watch below.

If you think that was a lot of Tweets, you won’t believe the full chat, which you can find on the Maze Runner Movie Twitter.

It was also mentioned a few times that James Dashner is headed to the set to film his cameo in the film tomorrow. Filming wraps on Friday. Producer Wyck Godfrey also made a point to say that THE MAZE RUNNER may still have some Comic Con presence besides James Dashner participating in the “What’s Behind the Door: Fiction that Thrills” panel on Sunday


THE MAZE RUNNER Character Card of Winston




We have our Winston character card for The Maze Runner! Alex sent this out via his instagram, which you can follow here.  Are you ready for the live Twitter chat on Monday?  Get your questions out to the actors using the hashtage #MazeRunnerChat!

Cast Member Tweets – Ki Hong Lee

An update of  Ki Hong Lee‘s tweets (and instagrams):





Ki Hong answers some fan questions (click on Continue reading for more):

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TMR Cast Member Tweets – Alex Flores

Alex Flores did some Q&A for the fans on his Twitter




Another photo of that food hangout



Cast Member Tweets – Ki Hong Lee

The Maze Runner cast is well on its way to becoming the “Best Cast to Update Fans with Tweets!” Here’s some of Ki Hong Lee‘s tweets (and instagrams):

The cast members like sunflower seeds:

Looks like it was a long, yet satisfying, day of filming for these two:

They’re not ones to waste food.

Too Much Information?

The Gladers


Cast Member Tweets – Alex Flores

Ever since Twitter became a “thing,” actors and celebrities of all sorts have the amazing ability to keep their fans updated on their goings-on and whereabouts.  This is why we’re able to get images like the one below, tweeted by Alex Flores, who’ll be playing Winston in the movie (according to a tweet from Aml Ameen.)

As more tweets and/or instagrams keep coming, we’ll continue to keep you posted on them!  These guys are making me so happy!

Production for The Maze Runner movie is expected to start this Monday.

Aml Ameen Tweets Photos of Himself and Maze Runner Cast

Aml Ameen (@AmlAmeen), the guy who’ll be playing Alby, got to spend some glader-bonding time with fellow gladers, Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and another cast member who hasn’t been announced by Wes Ball yet, which happens to be this guy named Alex, who’ll be playing Winston.  We didn’t get a last name for Alex on Aml’s tweets, so if anyone of you other there are familiar with this actor, and know his full name, comment below!

It also looks like Aml got his face casting done for a mold, I presume, for those particular scenes that calls for it.  What are you hoping it’ll look like?

UPDATE:  The actor playing Winston is Alexander Flores.

Thanks to Page to Premiere for the heads up!