THE MAZE RUNNER Casting News: Patricia Clarkson Joins In As…


This is big news, folks, and I have to say that there are spoilers below.  I will tell you this much, and that is Academy Award nominee/Emmy Award winner/Saturn Award winner Patricia Clarkson has signed on for The Maze Runner movie.  Of course, this is some interesting news, considering that I didn’t think there would be another female cast in the movie at this time, but alas, here we have her.  Those of you who have read the book may already have guessed who she’ll be playing, and those of you who haven’t, well, the article from kind of gives away some major plot points that maybe you shouldn’t read about.

But if you really want to know who she’ll be playing and what her part will mean in the overall story, then go ahead and read further.


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THE MAZE RUNNER Casting Call for “Military Types”

A casting call was recently distributed by the Baton Rouge Film Commission for eight physically fit men to participate in a two day shoot somewhere around July 8 to 10 in Baton Rouge for THE MAZE RUNNER movie.

According to

The production is seeking eight physically fit men between 30 to 45 years old with short, military-style hair. Applicants will be required to work outdoors in full military gear.

Those interested should forward their info via email to In addition to describing any military experience, they should include their age; height; weight; phone number; city of residence; and two photos — one from the waist up, and one full-body shot. The photos should be taken while the subject is “standing in front of a plain wall wearing a plain tee shirt and pants and clean shaven,” according to the casting call.

You can read more about the casting call here.

It seems to me that these extras will be the WICKED soldiers that we see in the end of the book. Have another idea? Let us know in the comments!


Wes Ball Officially Announces Chris Sheffield Casting for THE MAZE RUNNER


I first posted that Chris Sheffield may be part of the cast, as he was in a photo tweeted by fellow co-star Jacob Latimore, and now we have confirmation from director Wes Ball of Chris being cast as Ben for The Maze Runner movie.


Ah yes, poor Ben indeed.

You can check out the rest of the cast on our Cast page.

Blake Cooper Cast as Chuck

Keeping up with the castings of the last couple of days, Wes Ball has just confirmed that Blake Cooper will be playing Chuck in The Maze Runner! 

Blake CooperJust by looking at his Twitter and his Tumblr, it looks like Blake is a big fan of the series and has worked very hard trying to get this part. I have also seen a lot of people fan-casting him, so it looks like this was a great casting decision!

What do you think about Blake playing Chuck? Let us know in the comments!

Ki Hong Lee Cast as Minho

With all of the excitement over Thomas being cast today, many people overlooked the fact that Minho was also cast!

ki hong lee

Wes Ball sent out this tweet earlier today:

And while we’re at it…. Everyone say hi to Ki Hong Lee. He’s our Minho! Greatest cast EVAR!

-Wes Ball (@wesball) April 18, 2013

Ki is best known for his role as Paul in the ABC Family show ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’. Tapping into his inner Minho he tweeted this shortly after the announcement when James Dashner informed him that Minho was everyone’s favorite character:

@jamesdashner pressure? pssh i aint no greenie. 😉

-Ki Hong Lee (@kihonglee) April 18, 2013

What do you think about this new casting? Sound off in the comments!

New Castings for THE MAZE RUNNER

Will Poulter

Will Poulter

Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen

Director Wes Ball just tweeted that British actors Aml Ameen and Will Poulter have been cast for the roles of Alby and Gally respectively. Aml, 27, is best known for his roles as Trife in the movie Kidulthood and Malcolm in the TV series Harry’s Law. When asked about Aml’s age on twitter, Wes Ball responded with:

@christinaochoa Don’t worry, he plays much younger.

-Wes Ball (@wesball) March 15, 2013

We reported last week that Will, 20, was offered a leading role. I don’t think any of us thought that he would end up playing Gally!

What do you think of these castings? Sound off in the comments! And keep checking back here for more casting information that will surely be breaking in the coming weeks.

Will Poulter Offered Role in The Maze Runner Movie

According to Deadline, 20 year old British actor Will Poulter has been offered a leading role in The Maze Runner!

Will Poulter

The article doesn’t specify which leading role, but it would be logical to cast the main character, Thomas, first.

Will is best known for his role of Eustance in the 2010 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 

So, what do you think about Will? What role do you think he is being considered for? Tell us in the comments!