Maze Runner and Scorch Trials Sketches

Check out these sketches xanimagax on Deviant Art whipped up! I love how most of the main characters from the trilogy are included in here, not even the beetle blade was left out!  I especially like how that blob-like griever kind of steals the show, can miss it!

I can only imagine what the grievers and some of those cranks will end up looking like on the big screen, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed!


“Maybe She’s a Crank”: Brenda Meets Katniss and Tris

What happens when three epic ladies of literature come together? Chaos, apparently!

Just check out what Iabri71 imagines would happen to Brenda ever spent some time with Katniss, showing off her Mockingjay pin, and Tris, who has a bit of the complex about crows.

The Maze Runner Brenda The Hunger Games Katniss Divergent Tris Fan Art Crank

As usual, Brenda remains the level-headed one! Not too surprising!