Thomas Brodie-Sangster On The Heat Filming THE MAZE RUNNER

tmr-newt-character-card-2Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who plays Newt in The Maze Runner, spoke about how the weather during production affected him, and you might be surprised what he has to say.

“It was wonderful. I loved it, but some of the others were complaining because it is very hot – not so much the heat, but the humidity. If you sweat, you never dry because it literally sticks to you. But I really liked it,” said the 23-year-old.


“It puts you in the moment, because we’re supposed to be in the middle of this field and we really are in the middle of a giant field with five different types of venomous snakes and deadly spiders,” he continued.

“And when you sweat, you really sweat. It’s not make-up or someone spraying you, and I liked that. That makes it much more fun to me.”

I certainly dislike humidity, so I would’ve been one of those complaining, but it’s good to know Brodie-Sangster was able to make it work for him.



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